Hay deportes, como el fútbol, donde los terrenos de juego varían. Hay unos mínimos y unos máximos permitidos por las autoridades encargadas de regularlo, y dentro de esos parámetros pueden moverse los clubs. O, en otras palabras, cada campo de fútbol cuenta con un terreno de juego de diferentes dimensiones. Los equipos de fútbol están obligados a ser versátiles y adaptarse a estas variaciones. No es lo mismo correr a lo largo de 120 metros que a lo largo de 90. Pero no todos los deportes son así. Al menos no el pádel.
Porque las dimensiones de la pista de pádel son siempre las mismas. Las autoridades encargadas de regularlo tienen establecidas unas medidas invariables que deben respetar todas las pistas. Aquí, en Estados Unidos o en Ucrania. ¿Quieres saber cuáles son? Pues sigue leyendo que te lo contamos todo.

Dimensions of an official padel court

The official rules state that the size of the padel court, whatever its surface, must be 10 metres wide and 20 metres long. Only a 0.5% margin of error is allowed. This results in two halves of the court, each 10 metres wide and 10 metres long. Symmetry is essential for the game to be fair to both teams. At the same time, and between the wall and the service line, there must always be a 3-metre distance. But what about the rest of the elements?


The measurements of the official padel court do not only affect the court itself. They also affect the rest of the elements present in this sport. Such as the net, which is responsible for separating the two symmetrical halves, and which is suspended by means of a metal cable whose diameter may never exceed one centimetre. In addition, the net must be 88 centimetres high in the centre and 92 centimetres high at the ends. The length of the net is also regulated: 10 metres.


One of the basic characteristics of padel is that its courts are closed. In contrast to tennis, which is completely open, here there are walls that participate in the game itself. The front walls are 3 metres high and 10 metres long. The side walls must have a length of 4 metres and a height of 3 metres for the first two walls and a height of 2 metres for the other two walls. These measurements of the padel court may never vary.

Access to the runway

As you all know, and due to the enclosure that characterises the paddle court, there must be entrance doors to the court. In some cases they are located on only one side of the court. In other cases on both sides. In the first case, the opening must be at least 1.05 metres wide and 2 metres high. In the second case, the opening shall be a minimum of 72 centimetres wide and 2 metres high and a maximum of 82 centimetres wide and 2 metres high. This should also be carefully taken into account in the construction of paddle tennis courts.

Padel court floor

In addition to the measurements of the padel court, there are many other established rules. For example, the material the playing surface is made of. The official rules of the International Padel Federation recognise three different surfaces: synthetic grass, concrete and carpet. The choice is quite important because important factors in the game such as the height of the bounce, the speed of the bounce, the speed of movement of the players or the adherence of the players to the surface depend on it. Also the how to maintain the padel court will also depend on the material it is made of.

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