In one of our past articles we talked about resin flooring. We even dedicated a whole post to exposi resin, a variety widely used for its excellent properties. But in today's article we want to focus on outdoor resin floors. These floors share many of the natural properties of the rest of the resins, but contain some special ones that make them an ideal alternative for outdoor spaces. Do you want to discover which ones?

Outdoor resin flooring

Let's say we are looking for a floor for an outdoor terrace or for the non-landscaped area of an outdoor part of our home such as the patio. We know that we have an infinite number of options such as wood, ceramic or concrete. But in today's article we want to talk about epoxy resin, also known as epoxy resin or porcelain. This outdoor resin flooring is a very special polymer and is normally made up of a mixture of bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin.

Among its main natural characteristics is its hardness. This creates a very pleasing contrast between the soft feel of the garden and the non-garden area of an outdoor space. In addition, these resins also offer a sensational sheen, which provides an excellent visual impact. In terms of properties that make it a superior outdoorresin paving, it is resistant to chemical corrosion, as well as its high thermal resistance. Ideal for spaces in the sun.

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Outdoor resin flooring

But the benefits of outdoor resin flooring such as epoxy flooring do not stop there. Their physical resistance to weight should also be highlighted, which makes these floors ideal for spaces where there will be an enormous load. On commercial terraces with a high volume of people and objects, they are a guarantee of resistance. Finally, we must take into account that they are very easy to clean and maintain, something essential for both homes and establishments.

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Outdoor resin flooring

But at Grupo Pineda we do much more than just sell outdoor resin flooring. We can also take care of the actual application of the flooring on the indicated space. We are a company with decades of experience in the construction of spaces and the manufacture of flooring. Thanks to our technology, our know-how and the self-levelling characteristics of exterior resin flooring such as epoxy, we provide you with an optimal flooring development service. Trust in our expertise.

In addition, outdoor resin flooring is not limited to epoxy resin flooring alone. There are others. Thus, at Grupo Pineda we provide you, if you need it, with a personalised advice service to help you select the perfect variety of flooring for your case. In any case, we guarantee you a floor with the best possible performance. The same floors that we use in the construction of our sports fields and playgrounds. Spaces of recognised quality throughout the sector.

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