Gresite is a material composed of small tiles, highly durable and with very good resistance to humidity. For this reason it is widely used in the construction of swimming pools and is also easy to clean and maintain.

 Have you decided to install a swimming pool at home? It is a fantastic idea, as long as you take into account the most suitable materials for its maintenance and use. Although the shape you want to give your pool or where to place it is important, what is really fundamental is what you are going to put on the bottom of the pool. If you need a quality pool liner with the best results, you need one of the types of gresite for swimming pools.

Non-slip stoneware

When choosing tile for your pool, you should make sure it is slip resistant. Why? Because it will be the way to protect you and your loved ones from dangerous and risky slips. If the material you choose has a good grip, you will avoid accidents. There are four grades of grip, with grade 0 having little slip-resistant effect and grade 3 being the safest available.

If you are worried that this material may affect the aesthetics of your pool, you don't have to worry. You have a wide variety of colours to choose from to choose the ideal one for your pool.

For this reason, anti-slip stoneware or anti-slip mosaic tiles create the perfect texture for your pool liner. Not only will you get a beautifully designed finish, but they will also be safe for your loved ones.

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Gresite or mosaics for swimming pools

With this material you reduce the risk of falls in your pool, but you also get an aesthetic design for it. What's more, it is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, this type of liner can be used for the pool itself as well as for the stairs, outside areas and showers. Its great resistance to the elements makes it a must in the world of swimming pools. However, if you want to achieve a perfect finish, it is best to rely on professional pool builders.

Blue gresite swimming pool

With gresite you can form mosaics with tiles of different colours or you can opt for a single colour. Blue stoneware is a common colour for swimming pools. Not only is it a typical colour that we are used to seeing, but it also imitates the usual colour of water, as water usually looks blue when reflecting the sky, it represents this effect. In addition, it is a clear and clean colour that will always be a good choice for your pool.

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White gresite swimming pool

A white tiled pool can be ideal for you. It is a very light background that will give the pool a clean look. You can also combine it with other colours to create different mosaics or patterns on the bottom or walls of your pool.

Turquoise green gresite swimming pool

The turquoise green gresite pool is another very common shade and one that we are very accustomed to. However, you must be careful when combining it so that it looks good. Our experts can help you with the installation and construction of the pool as well as advice on the aesthetic aspects.

Caribbean green gresite

Do you want a pool in the trendy colour? Your Caribbean green tiled pool can look great. As it is a modern tone, it gives a very special style to your pool.

Beige pool

If you are looking for a beige pool, you can also find gresite tiles in this tone. Remember that the best thing to do is to rely on professionals for the installation of these materials. Trust us and ensure the perfect lining for your pool,call us!

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