Have you ever wondered whether you should cover your pool in winter or not? At Grupo Pineda we have been dedicated for more than twenty years to both the construction swimming pool construction and maintenance of swimming pools. And, in that sense, we know perfectly well how we should act to protect it. In today's article we are not only going to justify why you should cover your pool during the winter months -spoiler-, but also the material you should use to do so. Join us as we show you all about it.

Covering winter swimming pool yes or no

We have already answered this implicitly before, but let's make it much clearer: it is advisable to cover the pool in winter. This is because it will keep the pool water protected from external components such as tree leaves, windblown sand, insects and pathogens. As we explained in that other article about pool maintenance, this logically requires the use of chemical disinfectant products. But covering the pool helps a lot.

Of course, advisable is not synonymous with obligatory. So if you want to leave your pool uncovered for the winter ahead, you can do so. However, you will have to invest more resources in disinfection and pH maintenance products as well as in the water treatment system, which will have to work harder to purify the waste. Because if you don't cover your pool in winter there will be more waste, there is no doubt about it. Have you decided to cover it? We explain which materials to use.

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How to cover the pool in winter

There are several alternatives for covering the pool for the winter. One of the most commonly used is the PVC tarpaulin, a polypropylene net that withstands all kinds of weather conditions, whether wind, rain, snow or direct sunlight. Another option is the slatted cover, also known as a pool blind. Although it does not offer the same protective capacity, it is much easier to install. Finally, there are the motorised covers, without a doubt the most advanced option.

After all, these covers allow you to cover your pool in the winter without having to make any effort to do so. At the push of a button, the cover closes or opens by itself. In addition, they offer the possibility of keeping the temperature much milder, so it is not unreasonable to take a dip in the spring or even autumn months, depending on the specific climate. In any case, whichever cover you choose, it is important to buy a good quality cover to take care of the water.

Covering winter swimming pool is good or bad

One of the myths that swarm around swimming pools is that covering them generates stagnation and a proliferation of bacteria and other micro-organisms. But this is only true if the pool is closed and no chemicals or purifiers are used. In fact, even when the pool is open, the non-use of both would have the same result. Covering the pool for the winter is not a total solution and should be part of an overall maintenance plan for the installation in winter.

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Covering the pool for winter

Do you want to cover your pool in winter and need help with it? You can count on our help. As professionals in the construction and maintenance of these facilities we put our experience and our advanced knowledge at your disposal. Just contact us via our web form or our telephone number. We will take care of protecting your pool.

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