The construction of playgrounds in our country is subject to very strict regulations. The reasons are obvious: children need to have fun in a safe environment where they are not at risk. This affects the height of the furniture, its quality and, of course, the pavement. In this sense, and according to the current regulations, the flooring for playgrounds must have shock-absorbing properties that allow them to absorb part of the impact of potential falls.

Children's playground floor

Playground companies, such as Grupo Pineda, have multiple alternatives for playground floors with cushioning. Starting with those that are more natural. We are referring to those floors made with raw materials from nature such as sand or grass. Of course, natural floors need to comply with specific measures that allow them to truly absorb impacts and offer quality guarantees against impacts. At Grupo Pineda we know them all.

In addition, we can also install combinations of raw materials to create a naturally cushioned playground floor . An example is the combination of sand, chickpea and bark, which is ideal in many cases. Ultimately, it all depends on the specific requirements of the project. The important thing is to use a company that is familiar with all materials. Then we can choose the variety of shock-absorbing flooring that suits us best. Because there are many.

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Shock absorbing flooring for playgrounds

Without a doubt, one of the most widely used alternatives in our country is the shock-absorbing floor for rubber playgrounds. It is very important in these cases to bear in mind that when installing the rubber we must do so on a concrete base or any other hard floor. Current regulations prohibit its installation on natural pavements such as earth, sand or grass. In addition, it should also be taken into account that not all rubber provides the same quality performance.

In this respect, at Grupo Pineda we can guarantee the use of the most advanced rubber on the market. We care deeply about the quality and safety of our playgrounds, which is why we are a reference in Spain. Finally, and when it comes to installing a rubber shock-absorbing outdoor playground floor, we must also select the optimum thickness. This will also depend on the conditions of the environment, as well as the play furniture to be installed.

Outdoor playground floor

Not all rubbers offer the same properties, as mentioned above. But we are not only talking about the level of the rubber, but also about the nature of the rubber itself. There are different types of rubber. From continuous rubber to rubber tiles, depending on their structure. Or from SBR rubber to what is known as EPDM rubber, which stands for ethylene propylene diene diene rubber type M. The latter playground flooring is new and non-recycled, allowing for greater customisation at the customer's request.


As you can see, there are two maxims in this matter. On the one hand, all outdoor playground flooring must provide a high level of cushioning to keep children protected. On the other hand, there are many options to comply with this rule. Selecting one or the other must be based on a detailed study of the project, the needs of the clients and the environment. Grupo Pineda offers you all this and much more. Experts in rubber for playgrounds.

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