Porous paving is one of the best options for the flooring of sports fields and playgrounds. It is highly resistant, as it is permeable and allows water to pass through. In this way, on rainy days or when it is cleaned, the pavement does not suffer any kind of damage and water does not accumulate. In this way, unhygienic conditions, dirt and slippery surfaces are avoided. This construction system consists of an agglomerate of aggregates, binders and cement in the ideal proportion to form a porous concrete of great durability and capable of withstanding all kinds of climatic adversities. In our centre, we are leaders in the installation of porous paving in Spain. We have a great deal of experience and many high quality jobs behind us.

What are the uses of porous flooring?

It is commonly used in sports courts, as it improves the quality of the court and the safety of the game. It is also commonly used in housing estates, schools, verges or swimming pool beaches due to its perfect conditions and maintenance. In areas where it is necessary to evacuate water easily, such as car parks, car parks or roads, it is also a perfect and recommendable option. In addition, this type of paving offers a wide range of colours for its final finish, fitting perfectly with different aesthetic options. The uses of porous paving are mainly in places where a high level of maintenance cannot be dedicated to the condition of the track, but where high resistance and durability are needed. The wide range of aesthetic possibilities and colours offered by porous concrete make it possible to fit in all kinds of projects.

Advantages of porous sports flooring



The main advantage of porous paving is its permeability. This allows water not to stagnate and thus prevents damage. As the liquid infiltrates through the material, proper drainage is achieved. In this way you can enjoy the court all year round and play directly on its surface. In addition, this system ensures complete flatness. This feature is ideal for sports play, although it is also possible to add other finishes such as grass or earth. Its deterioration will be minimal thanks to the evacuation of water from both irrigation and rain. In addition, it prevents slipping and offers greater safety for players.


Esta clase de pavimento evita que el agua pueda contaminarse, ya que elimina los elementos perjudiciales al filtrar el líquido. De esta forma, la calidad del agua aumenta y puede ser recuperada y reutilizada. Por este motivo, es una opción estupenda para zonas residenciales, colegios y similares. Ofrece la posibilidad de aprovechar el agua para que vuelva a ser útil como riego de jardines. De esta forma, mejora la eficacia medioambiental y resulta una opción muy ecológica.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of these surfaces is very simple and convenient, as it simply consists of keeping it clean and avoiding access to it with shoes that could damage it, such as heels, or with bicycles or skates, which are common requirements in sports courts and which will not alter the normality of the game or the usual routines. It hardly requires any maintenance because it is a resistant pavement that can withstand a long period of time without being damaged. The paint with which it is finished also has a great durability, as it can perfectly withstand up to 7 years.


With this kind of installation there is no need for drainage systems and costs can be reduced. In this way, porous paving can be one of the most economical options. In addition, it ensures that the courts can continue to be used all year round and in all weather conditions, so there are no court closures or alterations to the game. All these advantages and its many design options make it one of the best options when it comes to choosing the type of flooring for most projects. As leaders in the installation of national porous flooring , we are fully qualified and happy to answer all your questions and advise you on the best options for each particular case.

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