Grupo Pineda has been dedicated to the construction of swimming pools for more than two decades. swimming pool construction in Madrid and surrounding provinces. From the first steps, with the excavation of the pool, to the final finishing touches, and including the installation of filtration and other intermediate steps. We take care of everything without exception. Whether it is a small domestic pool, a sports centre pool or even an Olympic pool, but how big is an Olympic pool?

Dimensions of the Olympic swimming pool

This is a question we are often asked. As we all know, Olympic swimming pools retain the honour of being the largest pools of all. More specifically, according to the International Swimming Federation's regulatory documents, Olympic pools must have a length of fifty metres and a width of twenty-one metres. The dimensions of the Olympic pools must be religiously adhered to in order for them to be able to host official competitions.

In addition, there are other aspects of the dimensions of the Olympic pool that must be taken into account. One of them is the size of the swimmers' lanes. That is, how much space each swimmer has when it comes to swimming. In this regard, the International Swimming Federation, known simply as FINA, recommends that there should be between seven and eight lanes maximum, which will provide between 2.625 and three metres of space for each swimmer. This is the minimum for them to feel comfortable.

Olympic standard pool dimensions

Are there more aspects about the dimensions of Olympic swimming pools that you need to know? Yes, there are. Because we have forgotten about depth, another of the key parameters of sporting performance. In this case, ideally, again according to the International Swimming Federation, the depth should be three metres. However, it can be shallower, up to a minimum of eighty centimetres. But, in general, they are not usually designed with such shallow depths.

And these Olympic pool dimensions are not only important for classical swimming. There are other sports that require these regulatory dimensions, such as synchronised swimming or water polo, to name but a few. It is essential that these dimensions are respected so that these sports can be carried out normally. This is why there are controls by the federations during tournaments. Now it is time to talk about a special type of Olympic swimming pool.

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Dimensions of the common Olympic pool

We have already known the dimensions of common Olympic swimming pools. But, as we pointed out in the previous section, there is a special category of Olympic swimming pool. Or rather, a sub-category, at least as far as sporting competitions are concerned. We are talking about the semi-Olympic pool, which, although not suitable for the Olympics, can be used for some other competitions. They are just half the size: twenty-five metres long instead of fifty.

What are the dimensions of an Olympic-size swimming pool?

But what about the other dimensions of the semi-Olympic pool? The truth is that the width can vary, but the proportions are usually the same as for Olympic pools. Are you thinking of building one from scratch? If so, we recommend you contact us to tell us the details and let us take care of everything. We have designed hundreds of pools in all this time. We know exactly how to proceed to achieve optimal results.

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