Over the last few weeks we have talked, to the delight of incorrigible pool lovers, about the price of swimming pool construction and about how to build a swimming pool. However, with both articles we tried to shed some light on the world of home swimming pool construction. So what about Olympic pools, have we forgotten about them? Not at all. Although they are not built every day, they are of major importance in our society.

Does an Olympic pool always measure the same?

Olympic pools are not recreational pools. In a way, they could be, as you could hire a specialised company like ours to create one on your site if you have enough space. However, and we know you understand us, the measurements of the Olympic pool are designed for professional and competitive sports. And, in this sense, the answer to this question is, as you may have already guessed, yes: an Olympic pool should always measure the same.

Because when it comes to regulated sports, it is an international federation that establishes the necessary field conditions for competition. And that is precisely what happens in swimming with the International Swimming Federation, also known as FINA. In its official regulations, the size of the Olympic pool is set out in all its parameters. In the following we will see section by section what the exact numbers of these size parameters are.

Dimensiones Piscina Olimpica

Standard Olympic pool dimensions

Before going into detail, a small curiosity: the dimensions in length and width have remained the same for a very long time. However, the depth became what it is today after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The reason for this is that several records were broken at that competition and it was found that the depth of the Chinese pools, which is the current standard, was more favourable for all swimmers. So,what is the width and lengthof an Olympic pool?

Dimensions of an Olympic pool: width and length

The length of the Olympic pool must always and for all Olympic competitions be 50 metres. The width of the Olympic pool, on the other hand, must be exactly 25 metres, which is exactly half of it. In addition, the water temperature must be between 25 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius. This is because human muscles perform much better in this temperature range. A facility for swimmers to exploit their full potential every four years.

Piscina Olimpica Medidas

Measurements of an Olympic-size pool: depth

Until now, the most important dimensions of Olympic pools have been length and width. But, as we have already pointed out, the Beijing Olympics changed everything. In particular, this competition meant that the depth of the Olympic pool was set at three metres, which allows the swimmer to enjoy greater buoyancy. In addition, and according to the specialists, this depth is able to reduce the turbulence generated by the movement.

Dimension of the lanes of an Olympic pool

Now you know the depth, length and width of the Olympic pool. However, there is still one very important piece of information to know: how long are the different lanes of this pool? To find out, you only have to divide the total width, 25 metres, by ten lanes, which gives us a result of 2.5 metres per lane. But it is important to bear in mind that of these ten lanes, only eight are competitive. The other two are outer lanes intended to combat turbulence. What do you think?

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