It is barely a month and a half since the end of Europe 2020, in which Italy managed to beat England on penalties to win their second continental title in history. And they did it at Wembley, one of those stadiums that enchants all and sundry. But no, it is far from being the biggest stadium in the world. In fact, in this article we are going to delve into precisely that: what is the biggest football stadium to be found anywhere on the planet? Which country has the privilege of having it on its territory?

World's largest football stadium

In our other articles about football we talked about the square metres of a football pitch or how big a football goal is. After all, it is the most played sport in the world and every country in the world has its good fans. Even those that we think are alien to it. This is the case of North Korea, a communist country about which we know very little due to its secrecy. But we do know one thing very well: it has the biggest football stadium in the world. As you can hear.

Its name is Rungrado May Day and it is located in Pyongyang, the capital of this Asian country. Its capacity? Up to 114,000 spectators, a true barbarity. To find the second on this list, we have to travel to the United States. Specifically to Michigan, where we see the Michigan Stadium, with a capacity of 107,600 spectators. Although it is not a stadium for 11-a-side football, but for American football, it hosts 11-a-side matches. The second largest football stadium.

World's largest football stadium

In third place we find an old acquaintance of the Spanish: the Camp Nou, one of those stadiums that are imposing and the largest football st adium in our country with a capacity of 99,350. And in fourth place we find another old acquaintance, probably the most emblematic and significant in the history of the Spanish national team: Soccer City in Johannesburg, with a capacity of 94,700 spectators. It was there that the national team won the World Cup on 11 July 2010.

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World's largest football stadium

The fifth largest football stadium in the world is the same as Michigan Stadium: it is an American football stadium, but it has also hosted football matches on a few occasions, such as the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where Brazil won the World Cup. It has a capacity of 92,600 spectators, which is another huge capacity. Although it is far from the numbers of the largest football stadium in the world, the reality is that it is bigger than many cities on the planet.

World's largest football stadium

Now: at number six we find Wembley Stadium, with a capacity of no less than 90,000 people. It is located in London and is one of those iconic stadiums of the beautiful game and the venue for many official matches. With 87,520 spectators we find in seventh position, in this list of the largest football stadiums in the world, the Estadio Azteca. Located in Mexico City, it holds 87,520 spectators. This is where Diego Maradona played his memorable match against England.

Largest football stadium

But the competition for the world's largest football stadium will never stop. Qatar is already planning the construction of the Lusail Stadium, which will have a capacity of 86,000 spectators, making it a strong entry on this list. In addition, it is very likely that countries such as China will achieve unprecedented numbers in the future. Be that as it may, the reality is that it is beautiful to enjoy countries in architectural works like this.

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