At Grupo Pineda we have been dedicated to the conceptualisation and construction of sports courts, including basketball courts, for more than twenty-five years. This ranges from the selection of the type of basketball flooring and its installation to the development of the last line of the basketball court. But to play this beautiful sport we need much more. Both elements of the basketball court itself and external elements. In this article we will analyse them all in detail.

Basketball equipment to be able to play

Let's start with backboards. After all, they are one of the key components of basketball equipment. Specifically, we need two backboards, each located at either end of the court. In most cases, backboards are made of methacrylates, but in amateur courts we can find backboards made of wood, plastic and other materials. In the case of professional sports courts, the regulatory measures established by FIBA must be followed.

On this same backboard, we find another of the essential elements of basketball equipment: the baskets in which the players must put the ball to score. They are usually hoops made of iron and then painted. They incorporate a forty centimetre long white rope net. They have the effect of holding the ball once it enters the hoop. The hoop must be forty-five centimetres in diameter. But what about the basketball?

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Equipment in basic basketball

We could have the most impressive sports court in the world but we wouldn't get anywhere without a ball. That is why it is considered to be one of the most important pieces of equipment for playing basketball. It must have a circumference of 75-78 centimetres and weigh between 600 and 650 grams. In addition, it is also essential that it has a specific pressure that allows it to bounce normally. In the streets or in gyms, these elements are sufficient. But not in professional basketball.

Because the equipment for playing professional basketball is more extensive. Among other things, two clocks are required. One to measure the game time, which must be stopped during time-outs, and the other to measure the maximum thirty seconds of possession that teams can have on each play. In addition, a match report, a visible scoreboard and boards indicating fouls are also required. And two red flags for when the seventh professional foul is reached.

What is basketball equipment?

As far as individual basketball equipment is concerned, we find that both uniformed jerseys and shorts and specialised basketball shoes are necessary. Such clothing must clearly indicate the player's number in a size and colour that allows the referees and other participants in the game to see it easily. FIBA regulations require that team players wear numbers ranging from four to fifteen and, obviously, without repetition.

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Professional basketball equipment

In non-professional basketball, basketball equipment such as clothing, shoes and balls are obtained from specialised shops. In professional basketball they are provided by sponsoring brands. As for the fixed equipment such as backboards or baskets, they are provided by the companies that manufacture the courts. At Grupo Pineda we take care of both amateur courts and professional regulation courts. Just call us and we will make it happen.

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