In our country, and unlike in tropical countries, where temperatures are stable throughout the year, we go from really pleasant temperatures in the summer months to temperatures that are not at all suitable for a dip in a swimming pool. That is why all swimming pools, whether they are terrace pools, garden pools or any other outdoor pool, need to go into hibernation in the winter months. In today's article we will explain how to do this.

Winter pool maintenance

The first thing to bear in mind when it comes to pool maintenance in winter is that we should avoid emptying the pool. And for many different reasons. One of the most important is the saving of resources. After all, maintaining that pool water saves water and money. Consequently, it also avoids the environmental impact of both the disposal of that water and the use of the new water next summer. But how to keep the water healthy then?

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Winter pool maintenance

There are many considerations to take into account. One of the fundamental ones is that the water should be kept at a temperature of less than fifteen degrees centigrade. In addition, we must also ensure that the pool is maintained at a pH value of between 7.2 and 7.6. There are products on the market that allow us to measure the pH and reduce or increase it according to our needs. These two points, temperature and acidity, are key to good pool maintenance in winter.

Other very important advice is to carry out a shock chlorination, keep the pool filter working and, above all, apply a winteriser. This is a product designed to promote optimal pool hibernation. Again, there are many products on the market. We recommend that you go to a specialised shop, explain your case to the specialist and get personalised advice. And when applying it, follow the instructions for professional winter pool maintenance.

Winter pool maintenance

But should I leave the pool outdoors? That's probably one of the questions that brought you here. The answer is no. After all, the larger the surface area of the pool is exposed to the environment, the more micro-organisms, insects and dirt in general will end up inside the pool. That is why at Grupo Pineda we recommend using a professional pool cover. It is a small investment that will greatly improve the maintenance of your pool in winter. Very much so.

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Winter pool maintenance

In addition, when it comes to winter pool maintenance, we must also take the weather conditions into account. After all, every winter is completely unique and has its own particular degree of temperature, rainfall and other weather phenomena. For example, in the event of very heavy rainfall, it is important to carry out additional shock treatments. Although this may seem like a lot of work, it is far more efficient than dealing with a neglected pool in the summer.

Pool maintenance in winter

Because that is the reality: a pool that is abandoned during the cold months, that has not received a winter pool maintenance plan, is a very problematic pool that will require much more expensive renovation work. Both financially and in terms of time and effort. That is why here at Grupo Pineda we are here for you. We are experts in pool construction and maintenance at any time of the year. If you want to know how much it costs to build a swimming pool or maintain it, call us.

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