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Tennis court on concrete Mapecoat TNS Professional

This multi-layer system based on acrylic resins, in aqueous dispersion for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

A number of aspects need to be taken into account in its application:

  • The substrate shall be free of materials that may impede the adhesion of the subsequent coating, such as: dust, loose or non-adhered parts, paraffin, efflorescence, oil stains or dirty resin layers, residues of non-acrylic paints or chemical products. Before starting the process, any other residue that may compromise the adhesion of the coating itself shall be removed. If the substrate is contaminated with such elements, preparation must be carried out by means of specific interventions.
  • The pull-out resistance of the substrate must be greater than 1.5 N/mm².
  • The support should be as flat as possible and, in any case, with slopes no steeper than 1.5%.
  • The substrate must not be wet or damp, as this may compromise the adhesion of the system.
acrylic resin based multi-pack system
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TNS Professional System

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professional tns system
  1. On our concrete substrate we will apply a coat of MAPECOAT TNS PRIMER EPW , a two-component beige primer, based on aqueous dispersion epoxy resins. It can be applied by spraying, roller or airless system in variable thickness from 60 to 100 μm.
  2. Application with metal or rubber trowel 3 coats of MAPECOAT TNS WHITE BASE COAT, with a consumption of 1.0-1.5 kg/m² per coat, and with an interval of 12-24 hours between coats.
  3. Once the base coat has hardened, sand the surface to remove any possible irregularities and vacuum the dust with an industrial hoover and then apply the coloured coating based on acrylic resin and fillers in aqueous dispersion, MAPECOAT TNS FINISH 1. MAPECOTAT TNS FINISH 3 OR MAPECOAT FINISH 4, diluted 10-15% with water, depending on the classification we want to give the track.
  4. Getting an ITF1, ITF3, OR ITF4 certificate.
  5. Lastly, the lines delimiting the playing area are made with two coats of MAPECOAT TNS LINE diluted in water with 10-15% water.

Mapecoat TNS Professional

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